One thing we discovered MANY years ago is that a bidet is pretty much a necessity for survival. While many snicker and make fun of bidets, we know that THOSE people have actually never used the greatest invention that mankind has ever created! Why you ask?

  • Cleanliness – You never have to touch your butt again if you don’t want to.  Number 2 is a cauldron of bacteria and other nastiness that will get you sick if you don’t practice good hygiene. A good bidet will clean up even the worst backdoor messes 🙂
  • Economy – Saving money on toilet paper is a real thing – for a family this could be hundreds of dollars a year
  • Cleanliness #2 – Using the right water stream, you can clean your insides out in a way that you won’t believe! I know that sounds gross, but it is far better than the alternative (having stuff stuck in your “pipes” that a normal wiping can’t get!)

In our sticks and bricks we had a variety of Bio-Bidet brand toilet seats – and they served us well over the years. They had all the bells and whistles – heated seat, heated water, air dryer, and even a remote control! But we didn’t actually need most of that in our RV. And more critically, RV toilets do not play nice with standard large bidets. And those large bidets chew power doing all their fancy things, not helpful at all when you are boondocking and trying to conserve energy!

So we ended up looking at the non-powered options. They are pretty simple at heart – a valve that controls one or two wands that extend when the water is turned on. Turns out the chinese make dozens of variations on this theme 🙂

Installing a Bidet in our RV

We ended up going with the Bio-Bidet Slimtwist – we have had good luck with Bio-Bidet and just as importantly, the low-profile fit below the cabinet door of our washer dryer (Really Entegra, washer/dryer on top of the main toilet?).