When we lived in our house, we didn’t think much about water. You call the water department, get your service on and thats about it. But the world is a bit different for travelers. The quality and quantity of water you get from any RV park or random water source can vary significantly. Because of this you will want to get a water regulator – The PEX and plastic pipes in your RV cannot withstand high pressures and you can end up with a serious leak and expensive damage to your home. And no one wants that! We went with a pretty cheap option – Around $22 when we bought it on Amazon:  For our motorhome, we use the Kohree RV water pressure valve.


The reality is that most of the cheap regulators on Amazon are getting pumped out of a couple Chinese factories and are just that – cheap. This one seems to work fine, although our pressure has dropped at the tap (maybe we need to set the pressure higher, but it could be flow restriction issue with this valve). You could try to adapt a household regulator like this Zurn Wilkins – but that seems like wasted effort for something that is effectively a consumable at $22!